Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Olive Oil and Wine Cookies - Tuesdays with Dorie

The name of these cookies says it all; they're made with olive oil and sweet white wine (and a few of the more usual cookie ingredients of flour, sugar, vanilla.....).

They were quite sweet and crunchy but apart from being very rich tasting, didn't seem to have a great deal of flavour. The author mentions pairing them with drinks or a fruit salad. I went with the latter and enjoyed the combination.

This recipe was our latest baking project from the book, Baking Chez Moi, by Dorie Greenspan. Visit here to see what everyone else at TWD made.


Mardi Michels said...

I think these work well with an espresso or a glass of dessert wine, personally :) Pretty photo!

Cakelaw said...

I liked these but I am in the minority. Maybe it’s because I totally ignored the requirement for white wine and used red!

Diane Zwang said...

I didn't think these cookies had a lot going for them. Yours came out pretty though.