Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Steak and Za'atar Fajitas with Grilled Peppers and Onions

Fajitas are a fun way to get a tasty meal to table quickly and the recipe from the book Modern Jewish Cooking by Leah Koenig is a particularly good one, combining tender steak strips with grilled sweet peppers and onions.
The key to the beef's texture and incredible flavour is the marinade. It includes ingredients you would expect to see - onion, garlic, lime, red pepper flakes, olive oil - and one you wouldn't, the Middle Eastern spice blend za'atar. Made from toasted sesame seeds, thyme, oregano and sumac, it's nutty and earthy tasting with a citrusy tang from the sumac. It's very good with steak but I think it would go well with chicken also.
Warm tortillas, fresh coriander and lime wedges are all that are needed to finish this meal. Delicious!

I'm cooking from the book Modern Jewish Cooking this month so I'm linking this post to Cookbook Countdown hosted by Kitchen Flavours and Emily's Cooking (Makan2) Foray.


Emily said...

What a nice way to play with your food! That end picture looks awesome!

kitchen flavours said...

wow, what a delicious meal! I love zaatar and yes, it is good with chicken too. I love how you wrap your tortillas so neatly, I could never wrap them up nicely! Maybe I always go overboard with the filling! :)