Friday, July 8, 2016

Nan-E Barbari - Cookbook Countdown BAKE!

Cookbook Countdown has introduced a special edition, BAKE!, that will run for the next three months. Unlike the regular cooking event, BAKE! isn't limited to only one cookbook per month so we're free to post whatever we bake from any of our baking books.
The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook is one of my latest acquisitions, purchased because of the positive reviews it received during Food 52's Piglet tournament from people who actually baked from it! I needed a good bread to serve with April Bloomfield's Bean and Mushroom Salad from A Girl and Her Greens so tried my hand at the Nan-E Barbari, a Persian flatbread.
Made with just bread flour, water, yeast and salt, the dough was very wet and I had trouble kneading it with the dough hook. I switched to the paddle attachment and that worked. Lightly oiled - not floured - hands and work surface helped in the shaping of the sticky dough but I was a little too gentle degassing it so my flatbreads weren't particularly flat and my indentations disappeared.
The cooked flour-sugar paste, "roomal", spread on the dough before baking helped produce beautifully browned bread with a very thin crisp crust. The interior was chewy and the seeds added a delicious nuttiness. These were so good one of the breads was devoured practically straight out of the oven.

I will definitely be making this again but I think next time I'll use the stretch and fold method of developing gluten instead of trying to knead the dough. The recipe can be found here if you would like to try it.
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Anne said...

This looks fantastic, and is on my list to try!

kitchen flavours said...

Wow, that looks good! Lovely golden colour and crisp crust! I could not wait for the book to arrive!