Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amped-Up Roast Chicken and Potatoes with Seared Broccoli Rabe - Cookbook Countdown

Knowing how much my family loves chicken, I cannot possibly cook from a new (or older but rarely used) cookbook without trying at least one chicken recipe. The New Portuguese Table by David Leite, the cookbook I'm cooking from this month for Cookbook Countdown, includes several mouthwatering recipes in its poultry chapter but I couldn't get past the photo of the Quick Weekday Roast Chicken with Potatoes that shows a bronzed, trussed chicken surrounded by crisp potato cubes. The promise of "quick weekday" was attractive as well.
The "amped-up" part of the recipe was an easily assembled smoky, garlicky paste that's rubbed over the bird and tossed with the potatoes as well. I followed the suggestion to prepare the chicken the night before so it was ready to pop into the oven the next day, and I spatchcocked it to reduce the roasting time. The fantastic aroma of the roasting chicken was matched by its flavour. Fortunately, a full batch of the paste made more than I needed for this recipe so I can repeat this one soon. Or maybe I'll make Amped-Up ribs....
In Seared Broccoli Rabe with Garlic, broccoli rabe steps in as a substitute for Portuguese turnip greens. I happen to love this vegetable but not everyone in my family shares my enthusiasm for it. I've found that blanching before sautéing it goes a long way towards taming its bitterness. Steaming was the method used here; it turned out to be more efficient than blanching since I could use the same skillet to both steam and sear with the same end result. The fried garlic chips and red pepper flakes added extra flavour and heat to this easy little dish; it would go well with just about any protein.
 A quick weekday family dinner.

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  1. Good idea with the spatchcocked bird. I remember that first time I need a spatchcock bird (how was I to know its not a specie!), anyways finally got the folks at the fresh chicken stall to do it for me! Love your seared Broccoli rabe side! Super yumms! A delightful meal indeed. Thanks for the link to DL's site for the delicious paste recipe!

  2. Just gorgeous! So glad you liked the recipes. I'm might impressed with your project. -- D

  3. Hi Zosia,
    Wow, that roasted chicken looks delicious! The smoky garlicy paste sounds incredible, love all the ingredients that makes the paste! What a beautiful mouth-watering dinner, with the broccoli rabe and the potatoes! I always look for chicken recipes in any new cookbook that I buy, mostly its the chicken recipes that make me buy a cookbook!


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