Saturday, September 12, 2015

Classic Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is one of my youngest daughter's favourite cakes and I make one every year for her birthday. This year, I made the Classic Carrot Cake from Rose's Heavenly Cakes, by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  

This recipe was very basic and had all of the ingredients you would expect to see as well as some you wouldn't - cocoa powder! It was simply spiced with cinnamon only, used lots of carrots (454g) and avoided the more polarizing ingredients like coconut and pineapple that you find in some carrot cakes.
There's a recipe for cream cheese frosting in the book as well, but I like to taste the tang of cream cheese so I used the one in Baked Occasions, which had a higher proportion of butter than some, and much less sugar than most. It also called for quite a bit of vanilla, which explained the ivory colour of the finished buttercream.
I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a cake decorator so I like to keep it simple. But for this cake, I wanted to try my hand at making fondant carrots, an idea that was immediately vetoed by my other daughter who claimed that "everyone does that!". I had to come up with an alternative plan. Since birthday girl is a talented musician and a fan of white chocolate, I made some white chocolate, music-themed decorations.
We loved this cake! It was subtly spiced and not too sweet, and was perfectly complemented by the tangy buttercream. It looked quite dense but was actually very light and moist and kept well in the fridge.

The cake was a real crowd-pleaser, but more importantly, birthday girl was very happy with it!


  1. Zosia, Wow! absolutely love your two trie carrot cake ..P. S. Which recipe it this form?

    1. Hi Zosia, I forgot to ask you how did you get those two tires amount from the heavenly Cake, pleas help me understand. .

    2. Thank you, Rosa. The cake is 9" and 6" tiers. The recipe in the book is for a 9" layer cake so I made an extra half recipe for the 6" cake.

    3. Thank you Zosia, so you are saying that you make half the recipe for two 6" by 2"high and the regular recipe is for two 9" / now I'm wondering if possible to make two 12"by 2"high if triple the recipe? 😎

    4. Hi Rosa. It sounds like you're planning to make cake for a lot of people! For a 12" cake, you need to double the recipe, so use one recipe per layer but you may need to reduce the baking powder a little. I would also use a heating core or flower nail in the centre for that size so it bakes evenly.


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