Monday, July 13, 2015

Grilled Herbed Tuna on Spinach Salad - Fast Food Jacques's Way IHCC

I don't think Jacques Pépin's book Simple and Healthy Cooking, published over 20 years ago, is among his better sellers, but I bought it for a steal so I could cook along with I Heart Cooking Clubs newest featured chef and have enjoyed the recipes I've made from it.
This week, I made a spinach salad with raw mushrooms, a simple sherry vinaigrette flavoured with minced shallots, and peppercorn-crusted tuna steaks (with a little herbes de Provençe French spin) seared until just rare, which like so many of the recipes in this book featured classic ingredient pairings with a little French flair.
As you can imagine, this delicious meal of dressed salad and seared tuna took only minutes to put together, perfect for this week's IHCC theme of Fast Food with Jacques Pépin.

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  1. Perfect meal and so healthy. We have some exceedly hot temperatures here and meals like this work very well. Nice choice!

  2. I love seared tuna and what a healthy dish! YUM!
    Congrats on completing this week's IHCC re Jacques Pepin's recipes in less than 30 minutes too!
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  3. The perfectly crusted tuna looks amazing. I can imagine the equally amazing taste of the rest of the dish. Well done!

  4. All those beautiful colors make that salad look amazing!

  5. I also got that book for a steal and it is definitely a classic 80's cookbook. It does have some wonderful recipes in it, such as this one. This is a perfect summer salad. Love the color.


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