Friday, October 3, 2014

Pear and Chocolate Oat Crumble - IHCC Cheerio Nigel!

It's our last week cooking with Nigel Slater at I Heart Cooking Clubs. For my final farewell, I made a seasonal fruit crumble with local pears that Nigel manages to make very special with just a few twists.
I love a good crumble....sweet baked fruit, crunchy topping....the pie experience without having to make a crust....perfect for the pastry challenged like me. Most recipes call for the uncooked fruit to be chopped, then baked with the topping. It's here we encounter the first twist: Nigel has you caramelize pear halves stove top in a sticky butter-brown sugar mixture before baking.
The second twist: adding bittersweet chocolate to the oatmeal topping.
This was a fantastic combination of sweet, juicy pears and a chocolate chip cookie crumble that married beautifully with the fruit. A wonderful end to what's been a delicious journey with Nigel Slater.

The recipe for the Pear and Chocolate Oatmeal Crumble is from Nigel's book The Kitchen Diaries 2 and can also be found here.

Visit IHCC to see how other members have said "cheerio" to Nigel! Next week, I Heart Cooking Clubs welcomes Diana Henry as the new featured chef.


  1. I had an apple crumble last week and had forgotten how much I love a crumble too! Have not used pears yet but you have convinced me to try.

  2. Hi Zosia,
    Such a lovely and yummy crumble! Adding bittersweet chocolate to the crumble sounds so delicious to me! A sweet dish for Cheerio Nigel, a wonderful choice!

  3. Looks beautiful ... and tasty. Our little pear tree has given us several mis-shapen pears this fall. They seem just right for this recipe!

  4. I'm loving Nigel's twists here of caramelising the pears first and adding chocolate to the topping - what's not to love about that?! The thing I always really love about a fruit crumble, is that I can feel pretty comfortable about eating the leftovers for breakfast.

  5. I love crumbles and the pear and chocolate combination here really pulls me in. I love that the pears caramelize first before they hit the oven--I am sure that adds to the wonderful flavor. ;-)

  6. I loved all the little twists that Nigel shared in his recipes. Caramelizing the pears is a wonderful touch. Love the addition of bittersweet chocolate as well. This looks like the perfect dessert for fall.

  7. I love crumbles, thanks for that idea, It's pear time here


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