Monday, October 13, 2014

Citrus Compote with Ginger Snow - IHCC Icy Cold!

Fresh fruit is always my first choice for dessert, sometimes just a piece eaten out of hand, or if there's time, a medley cut up in a salad. For this week's I Heart Cooking Club's theme of "Icy Cold", Citrus Compote with Ginger Snow, a chilled fruit dessert with an icy topping, was an easy pick for me. 

I used a combination of ruby grapefruits, oranges and a pomelo for the fruit salad. Delicious though they would have been served with just their juices, I decided to fancy them up a little and transform those juices into the syrup as per the recipe, cooking them with sugar and lime juice.
The compote made a wonderful dessert on its own, but the ginger-lime granita topping took it into the realm of spectacular! The simple syrup of water, sugar, lime (zest and juice), and grated ginger was placed in the freezer and worked over with a fork as it froze to create miniature icy shards. I'm not quite ready for the snow that requires shovelling and often wreaks havoc with traffic in these parts, but I'll gladly take this snow any day!
In eating the dessert, you're first struck by its refreshing tartness and iciness, and once the chill subsides, you're left with the warmth of the ginger. A really wonderful dessert!

This fantastic recipe is from the book A Change of Appetite and can also be found here.

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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful dessert! I would welcome this dessert anytime! Just love the different colours of the citrus!

  2. This is such a gorgeous dessert and it sounds so refreshing too--a perfect choice for the theme. ;-)

  3. Utterly gorgeous - I want this right now. There's still a real abundance of citrus fruit around here right now, so I think I need to make this while I've still got the chance.


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