Monday, May 12, 2014

Mushroom-Gruyère Grilled Cheese - IHCC A Little Cheese Please

Another wonderful sandwich from Nigel Slater's book The Kitchen Diaries 2: A Year of Simple Suppers.
Campagnolo/Country Bread with Bran (The Italian Baker by Carol Field).....
a little Gruyère.....
sautéed baby bellas and thyme.....
grilled perfection

This week at I Heart Cooking Clubs, the focus is cheese dishes from featured chef Nigel Slater. Visit IHCC to view all of the cheese-y goodness.


  1. Nothing like a gorgeous 'slap it together' sandwich! Nigel does love his sandwiches doesn't he ?!!!

  2. Hi, Zosia. I love to pair thyme and mushrooms. Gruyère paired with mushrooms is delicious too. This is a great sandwich!

  3. I love everything about this sandwich--the mushroom, Gruyère and thyme combination is delectable. ;-)

  4. Like Deb, I love everything about this sandwich, including the bread - this is really my idea of sandwich heaven.

  5. What a wonderful cheesy sandwich, made with homemade bread. Heaven!

  6. Hi Zosia,
    A lovely delicious sandwich, perfect for any meal of the day! Great cheezy pick!

  7. Mushrooms and gruyere on a grilled cheese sandwich. PERFECT!!!!!


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