Monday, March 31, 2014

Salmon and Spinach Tarts - IHCC A Welcome Toast to Nigel Slater

For the next 6 months, I Heart Cooking Clubs will be cooking with Nigel Slater, well-known British cook and food writer who really doesn't need much of an introduction. As I did with our last featured chef, I'm welcoming him with a starter...or at least small tarts I made from a recipe intended to make a full-sized tart...but that's what Nigel's all about, providing the guidelines but encouraging the cook to do what he or she will with them!
The recipe for A Salmon and Spinach Tart comes from his book The Kitchen Diaries 2: A Year of Simple Suppers. In the diary entry for this recipe, Nigel describes how "there are days when my heart sinks at the thought of making a tart". He wasn't having one of those days when he made his tart, but I was. Frozen filo pastry to the rescue. 
Filled with roasted salmon, steamed spinach and custard, this dish was delicious, perfect for brunch, lunch, a light supper or made as minis, an appetizer. I added some sautéed garlic to the spinach and minced spring onions to the custard for extra flavour and replaced the salmon with shredded cheese in some of the tarts for a vegetarian variation. They were a big hit so will be made again but maybe next time, I'll feel like making the pastry.
additional notes:
- I used 3/4 of the recipe for the salmon (9 tarts) and custard filling (about 50ml per tart) and 350g spinach (it looked like 2 large handfuls to me!)
- the tart shells were made with 4 layers filo (6 sheets brushed with olive oil and cut into 8 pieces) 
- baking time was 20 minutes

See what other dishes the welcoming committee at IHCC made for Nigel this week!


  1. Oh my, those are lovely. It could be an appetizer or I could make a meal of it. All of it! Great choice.

  2. These little bites are perfect for starting an Easter dinner ... and have been bookmarked for just that occasion! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Your photos are just lovey... great colors and clarity is stellar!

  3. These little tarts look fabulous--I love the salmon and spinach combination. The perfect welcome to Nigel! ;-)

  4. My heart always sinks at the thought of making pastry, but filo is a great "to the rescue" alternative to making your own. These tarts look absolutely delicious, and I would happily make a meal of these.

  5. Wow, I' am thinking of a pie using filo spinach and broad beans. This looks great!

  6. These starters looks delicious! I would not mind having these as my main meal with some side salad! A lovely choice to welcome NS!

  7. Your pan of tarts looks like a party waiting to start. Great idea to turn the recipe into mini tarts.

  8. Making pastry is one of my least favorite kitchen tasks. I'm a big fan of puff pastry and/or filo dough though. Both are so very easy to work with.

    Love the idea of making a cute little tart to welcome in Nigel. I could really overindulge in few. Hard to stop at one!


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