Monday, February 24, 2014

Prawn, Lemon and Leek Ristto - IHCC Tropical Delights

Sometimes I have to learn things the hard way, by trying them myself despite everyone's advice to the contrary. Baking risotto is one of them. I usually don't mind giving a pan of risotto the attention it needs but oftentimes, putting something in the oven and walking away while it cooks has its appeal.
So for this week's I Heart Cooking Clubs theme "Tropical Delights", with shrimp as my tropical ingredient of choice, I made featured chef Donna Hay's baked Prawn, Lemon and Leek Risotto from her book fast, fresh, simple, pg 148.
The flavour of this risotto, with its sautéed leeks, lemon zest, shrimp and a final bright squeeze of lemon juice was amazing. However, the texture of the rice, though not over-cooked, was a little gummy, lacking the creaminess one expects in a properly cooked risotto. Lesson learned. Despite the appeal of baking risotto, it's not something I would do again. But this delicious dish is worth repeating, cooked properly on the stove top.

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  1. I had to learn the hard way as well. I made Donna's chicken and pea risotto and baked it in the oven. It was ok and made for a decent dinner, but was nowhere as good as it would've been cooked on the stovetop.

    I must say this looks absolutely wonderful though! I have a special fondness for shrimp!

  2. I really have to try cooking risotto one day, it has been on my list for so long! Have been reading about the comparison of cooking risotto on the stove and baked in the oven from a few other blogs, and mostly prefer cooking over the stove too! Will definitely take note of it.
    This looks delicious and like Kim, I love eating shrimp!

  3. Unfortunately, the slow cooking is the only way to get perfectly creamy risotto but this looks delicious regardless

  4. Must admit I've looked at this one several times (I have that book too), and am very tempted by it. I love risotto, and I love the joy of that standing and mindless stirring for twenty minutes (so satisfying), though I can understand also the appeal of being able to bung something in the oven and go do something else for half an hour. Still I've seen enough bloggers now be disappointed with that method to be dissuaded from giving it a try. Love the flavour in this risotto though and I bet it would be sensational made the good old fashioned way.

  5. I love the flavors in this risotto but I will learn from you and make it on the stove top. I'm with Sue--I enjoy the stirring time for thinking and vegging out. ;-)


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