Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Chocolate Cream Puffs with Mascarpone Filling - Tuesdays with Dorie

This week, I made a delicious variation of a cream puff for Tuesdays with Dorie comprising chocolate pâte à choux and rich mascarpone cream filling.
The puffs were amazingly chocolatey despite the small amount of cocoa in the dough and I thought the filling was the perfect cool and creamy foil for all of that chocolate goodness. Standard cream puffs with whipped cream filling will always be the family favourite but this version is one I would make again.


  1. Your puffs are so pretty! I enjoyed these too.

  2. They look great! My family loved these as well!

  3. adorable! i don’t remember ever making chocolate choux before, but i’ll definitely donut again!

  4. We loved these too. Chocolate was a nice change.


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