Saturday, November 18, 2017

Coffee Glazed Pork Chops with Bacony Brussels Sprouts

This month, I've dusted off yet another of my infrequently used cookbooks, French Food at Home, by Laura Calder. In looking through the book and deciding what to make, I was struck by the simplicity of the recipes, particularly in the chapter titled Dinner Fairly Fast....who doesn't want good tasting food quickly?

The first recipe I made was A Good Coffee Chop (page 102). I used my cast iron pan set on high heat to give the meat a good sear, then lowered the heat to cook it through. We really enjoyed these beautifully caramelized, juicy pork chops. The coffee used to deglaze the pan at the end produced a rich tasting sauce that wasn't obviously coffee-flavoured. So good!
In the chapter on side dishes, I found a recipe for Bacony Brussels Sprouts Leaves (page 179) that was a fairly quick way to achieve caramelized Brussels sprouts. I ignored the vegetable prep instructions that involved removing the leaves of the sprouts and discarding the centres. Some leaves came loose during trimming but the bulk of my dish consisted of thinly sliced sprouts. They were briefly sautéed then combined with crisp bacon bits. Cooked this way, they retained so much of their colour and texture and didn't taste at all cabbage-y.

Both dishes were delicious and I've bookmarked them to make again.
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  1. Absolutely love the Brussels sprouts cooked this way, and that coffee glaze - yumms! Gonna give that a try! Thanks for the recipe link!

  2. Wow, what a scrumptious meal! I used to watch her cooking shows and like the meals she prepares, they all look delicious. But I do not have any of her books yet! :)

  3. The above comment is from me, Joyce! :)


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