Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Profiteroles, Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce, Benoit Style - Tuesdays with Dorie

This month at Tuesdays with Dorie, a rather elaborate dessert from Baking Chez Moi was chosen as one of our projects. It was composed of vanilla pastry cream-filled choux pastry puffs, vanilla ice cream and bittersweet chocolate sauce...a little daunting with all of those components but many could be made ahead.
I decided to try the crackle-top variation of the profiteroles that included a thin sugar cookie baked atop each puff that added a bit of sweet crunch to every bite. Filled with rich vanilla pastry cream, they were so good I didn't think they needed anything else but that wasn't the chosen recipe so I forged ahead and made the chocolate sauce and (bought) ice cream.

This was an impressive dessert that everyone really enjoyed and I would make it again.

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  1. It was a tasty dessert, wasn't it. I didn't think the chocolate sauce and icecream were necessary either. Your crackle top puff is cute.

  2. These are beautiful! I'm excited to try the crackle top but not sure they need anything else other than the pastry cream either!

  3. What a gorgeous dessert! I had wondered what the topping was called crackle top, now I have my answer. It's the crunch!

  4. I hope this will be a hit with my family too. Look forward to making it.


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