Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Martine's Gâteau de Savoie - Tuesdays with Dorie

This week's pick from Baking Chez Moi was from the "Simple Cakes" chapter. Baked in a bundt pan, this light, airy (almost fat-free) cake, with its lovely vanilla flavour, relied solely on eggs, with whites and yolks whipped separately, for its leavening.
I made a few changes to the recipe: I reduced the sugar by 100g and used a lower-protein cake & pastry flour. I also successfully baked it in a 10-cup pan which was smaller than recommended. The cake did rise above the top of the pan but the batter didn't spill over.
It had an interesting texture with a fine, even crumb that appeared to be quite moist but was actually a little dry, probably the effect of some of my changes. Fortunately, like the sponge cake that it is, it had the ability to absorb liquid without disintegrating so Dorie's roasted strawberries made an excellent accompaniment.


  1. This is so pretty! Mine was not dry at all so it might have something to do with your changes. I understand why you might want to reduce the sugar (though baking is chemistry) but why the different flour? Good to know it bakes in a smaller tin - not sure I have a 12 cup cake pan!

    1. I knew the reduction in sugar would affect (reduce) tenderness so I chose a lower gluten flour to compensate.

  2. Your cake looks gorgeous changes and all. I like the roasted fruit with it.

  3. I guess it's more than a coincident that we made similar changes to the cake. Less sugar and more tender crumb. The color of your cake is really lovely.

  4. A lovely looking cake, and the strawberry accompaniment sounds devine.

  5. beautiful! and i agree that roasted strawberries are just the right thing with the cake.


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