Monday, April 10, 2017

Lemon Meringue Tart: A New Way - Tuesdays with Dorie

It's all about fruit desserts this month at Tuesdays with Dorie and I chose to make the lemon tart from Baking Chez Moi this week. Different from a lemon meringue pie, it comprises Dorie's sweet cookie crust filled with lemon pastry cream (instead of curd) topped with a fluffy meringue.
I made the crust and filling ahead of time and once the tart was assembled, all that was left was the meringue. While I'm not averse to eating raw eggs in food when they're well hidden, I don't like raw egg white meringues. I prefer to use an Italian meringue that's made by beating hot sugar syrup into whipped egg whites. It isn't actually cooked but it does have a different texture and flavour and better still, it's completely stable - no weeping.....ever! I used the Light Italian Meringue from The Cake Bible (Rose Levy Beranbaum) to top this tart.
Wow was it lemony! The lemon cream filling was very tart and really needed the sweetness of the crust and meringue as a buffer. As a fan of just about all things lemon, I enjoyed it, but some, even those who like lemon meringue pies, thought it was too sour. 

Visit here to see what everyone else thought of it. 


  1. Wow - beautiful! Good to see yours held together - I saw a couple where the filling did not set. Any tips for that?

    1. Dorie's instructions worked perfectly for me but I do know that under or overcooking the cream will affect the set so you want to make sure it reaches 180F but you don't want it to get too much hotter than that while the cornstarch cooks. The instructions to lower the heat and stir constantly during the last minute are important in preventing the latter.

  2. Your tart is so beautiful! I have already made this and I promise you that it doesn't look this pretty. I enjoyed this one, but I am a fan of lemon desserts generally.

  3. Yours came out beautiful. Mine not so much. I will have to try Italian meringue.

  4. The height of the meringue is incredible. Love how beautiful this tart looks. There are a lot of baking here. Great job, as always. Thanks also for alerting me about the glitches on my new site.

  5. Zosia, Lovely Lemon Meringue Tart, one of my favorite...
    P.S.if you look at my Google blog, on the right side you will see my lemon Meringue Pie posted.😎


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