Monday, September 26, 2016

Maple Bran Madeleines with Chocolate-Espresso Fondue - IHCC Hooroo Curtis!

It's been a real pleasure cooking with Curtis Stone, IHCC's latest featured chef these past six months, and family has appreciated it too with all of the tasty food that's come out of my kitchen. 
One of the things that characterized so many of his recipes was the little extra or switch up he included for interest and flavour. These non-traditional Maple Bran Madeleines are an example of that, with wheat bran added to what should be a delicate sponge cake. Remarkably, they were still moist, light and airy and the aroma while they baked took me back to visits to sugar shacks, here and in Quebec, where they cook down the tree sap to make that glorious maple syrup.
With the robust flavours of maple and nutty wheat I thought they were best suited to a good cup of coffee. To make them more dessert-worthy - because I always say farewell to an IHCC chef with dessert - I adapted this fondue recipe (recipe on page 10) replacing some of the Kahlúa with espresso to create a luscious chocolate-espresso dipping sauce for the little cakes.

Visit here to see how the others said goodbye to Curtis.


  1. Brilliant pairing, I'd like to join you for some of that dessert!

  2. I can't think of a better way to use up wheat bran, as I sift out from whole wheat flour. I have to try this recipe sometime. Sounds so delish!

  3. Delightful madeleines! Looks fabulous!

  4. Love making madeleines. These are rather different.


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