Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Young Leeks with Oranges and Pistachios - Cookbook Countdown

I'm sticking with plant based recipes this month for Cookbook Countdown but switching out A Girl and Her Greens for Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison, well known author of such cookbooks as the award winning Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, one of my favourite vegetarian cookbooks.
This book is quite different from the other with each of its chapters focusing on a different family within the plant kingdom, exploring the relationships between its members which may include edible flowers, herbs, seeds, and wild plants in addition to vegetables, and providing recipes and tips on how to prepare and enjoy them, of course.
From the chapter on the Lily family, a family that includes such aromatics as garlic and shallots, comes a fruity but savoury salad featuring leeks, Young Leeks with Oranges and PistachiosI'd never eaten raw leeks before this and wasn't sure how strongly flavoured they would be so to be safe, I soaked the slices briefly in cold water as suggested to soften their edge a bit. They weren't nearly as bold as raw garlic or onion but had more oomph than chives or green onions and went nicely with the oranges. With a little olive oil, salt & pepper, and crunchy pistachios, this salad was a refreshing addition to a summer meal and a tasty way to beat the heat.
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  1. Hi Zosia,
    Wow, that is one gorgeous plate of salad! I have never eaten leek raw before too, and interesting pairing with oranges. Looks really refreshing, vibrant and divine!

  2. What an interesting book! Love that cover, and looking forward to all that you will be cooking from it for August!


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