Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Philadelphia Blueberry-Corn Tart - Tuesdays with Dorie

A tart comprising a bittersweet chocolate crust, a cool and creamy honey cheesecake filling, and a fresh corn, rosemary-infused blueberry topping was my latest Baking Chez Moi endeavor. It was different enough that it elicited descriptions of "unusual" and "interesting" from my tasters but all agreed it was delicious
The chocolate tart dough (page 418), my riff on Dorie's bonne idée of a ready-made chocolate crumb crust, baked up tender and shortbread-like, paired well with the fruit and was a good foil for the sweet filling. But my favourite part of this dessert was the topping of fresh blueberries and corn combined with blueberry "jam", sweet and tart with a whisper of lemon and rosemary. I enjoyed the extra - there was too much for the tart - stirred into plain yogurt and on my morning oatmeal but I think it would be wonderful with ice cream, pancakes & waffles, lemon cake.......

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  1. Very pretty ! It looks like you made a smaller version of this? I am totally making like ONE mini tart (too much recipe testing going on round here!).

    1. I used a half recipe to make a 6" tart but having just seen Steph's cute tartlets, I wish I'd gone even smaller.

  2. Anything with cream cheese has to be good right? We loved this one too. I should have saved some for yogurt as you suggested instead of putting it all on top, it was too much.

  3. Yours looks great and I live that you used a chocolate tart shell!

  4. Yes, there was way too much topping for the tart - hence mine overflowec. Love the idea of a chocolate crust and glad your tasters enjoyed it.

  5. how pretty! and yes, there are lots of uses for the delicious jam leftovers.


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