Monday, August 22, 2016

Lemon-Ricotta Spaghetti - IHCC Express Meals - 30 Minutes or Less!

An express post for an express meal from I Heart Cooking Clubs' featured chef Curtis Stone.
Lemon-Ricotta Spaghetti comprised freshly cooked pasta and a light and lemony no-cook sauce of ricotta cheese, lemon zest and olive oil. I added basil for extra flavour but it really wasn't needed. Delicious! 


  1. hello Zosia, your Lemon-Ricotta Spaghetti sound very nice for the summer time. P.s. my mother passed way last week, if you like I posted something about my Mother ...Thank you .. :(

  2. You've got express down to a science:) Looks delicious and light. Perfect thing to make in a hurry!

  3. This is simple, and looks delicious!

  4. This is really a simple way to add ease and brightness to a pasta dish.


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