Monday, August 8, 2016

Fudgsicles for Grown-Ups - Tuesdays with Dorie

A frozen chocolate treat on a stick spiked with liqueur was one of August's Tuesdays with Dorie projects from Dorie Greenspan's book Baking Chez Moi.
The mixture of melted chocolate, chocolate bits, Kahlúa, and whipped egg whites and cream was delicious but was light and airy and mousse-like and I wondered how easily it would release from the popsicle moulds. The answer was not very. Only two of eight came out intact. Maybe I just need more practice. Oh well...

If I were to make it again I would follow Dorie's suggestion in the headnotes to freeze it in any container and scoop it out at serving time.


  1. Mine did not come out "cleanly" from the molds either so I'll make this again and simply make it ice cream. I had some leftover mixture that I didn't freeze and it was a spectacular mousse.

  2. Interesting - I wondered what these looked like. I am not confident of success given that both you and Mardi had trouble unmoulding them. They sound delicious.

  3. Melted chocolate with more goodies worked into it. Looks fabulous.

  4. i thought these were delicious, too. I broke one of my pops and then ran the molds under warm water to get others out.

  5. Did you try running them under warm water before trying to take them out? That must have been disappointing not being able to take them out. I will take your advice and put it in a container.

    1. I did run them under warm water, and tried different removal techniques...twisting, pulling them straight out.... I did manage to get the sticks out of most of them but left the mousse behind :)!

  6. Me too! I was only able to pull out two properly; one broke and the rest I just spooned up. Your pops are adorably petite!


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