Monday, August 1, 2016

Fresh Mint Chip Gelato with Curtis Stone's Best Fudge Brownies - IHCC Herbalicious!

"Idiot proof" is how Curtis describes this gelato recipe, a mix of milk, cream and sugar thickened with cornstarch, steeped with fresh mint and drizzled with melted chocolate after churning to create a stracciatella effect.
In deciding how to serve it, I came across Curtis's recipe for Best Fudge Mint Brownies, intensely chocolate-y brownies that are topped with a mint ganache also infused with this herb's fresh flavour...I just replaced the ganache with my minty iced treat. 

It was the perfect combination. The Fresh Mint Chip Gelato was creamy yet still light and tasted refreshingly of mint with crisp shards of dark chocolate throughout, a cool contrast to the rich, fudgy brownie. 
Gelato meltdown!.....the best kind.

Our challenge this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs was to make a Curtis Stone recipe featuring herbs so visit here to check out the other herbalicious dishes.


  1. My husband would call it After-Eight-Ice cream, thanks for sharing this recipe, he'll love it

    1. I haven't had those in years but that's exactly what this tastes like!

  2. I'm a lover of all things mint and this is quite easily mint at it's best! The perfect refreshing treat that works both to cool you down and also as a palate cleanser;)

  3. Loving the meltdown. How do you create such wonderful effect? This is an extreme dessert, the best kind.

  4. Oh my! I think I gained 10 pounds licking my screen! :-) What a gorgeous dessert and so perfect with the cooling mint and ice cream for a warm summer night.

  5. Wow, this is the ultimate dessert! Looks so good! The brownie looks so perfect with the gelato! And mint is one of my favourite flavour!


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