Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lumaconi Stuffed with Summer Vegetables - Cookbook Countdown

The crunchy corners of a baked lasagne are my favourite parts, you know the noodles that don't quite get covered by the sauce and bake up golden and crisp? April Bloomfield's stuffed pasta shells, my latest effort from A Girl and Her Greens, the cookbook I'm cooking from this month for Cookbook Countdown, produces an entire pan full of those crisp edges - it was made for me!
The filling was also very appealing, an unusual mix of zucchini, green beans and corn, bound by a fresh tomato sauce. In one of the headnotes, the author promises that she's not out to torment the cook with the seemingly endless steps in a recipe but I had my doubts as I blanched and peeled 800g of cherry tomatoes for the sauce ;)! That it turned out to be one of the tastiest tomato sauces I've ever made wasn't a surprise to me based on the other results I've had with this book.
Once the shells were stuffed and arranged in the baking dish, they were bathed in some corn-infused cream that I lightened with some vegetable stock, dusted with a smattering of grated Parmesan and baked.

The flavours and textures came together beautifully in the finished dish. The pasta was al dente with some crispy bits, the vegetables were tender-crisp and the silky cream sauce was enriched with the juices from the filling. It was fabulous!

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  1. Oh My! This looks delicious! A picture of the shell pasta before cooking will be nice (so I can be on a look-out for them!). :)

  2. wokey, found them!

    1. Yes, those are the ones. It was my first time using this shape.

    2. I doubt they are available where I am... very interesting shape.


      I used this with bechamel sauce before, very tasty!

    4. That looks like a nice recipe to use with the rest of my lumaconi. I bought Garofalo brand which seems to be widely available online.

  3. That looks good! Baked pasta is one of my children's favourite!


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