Monday, July 18, 2016

Grilled Tuna with Marinated Tomato Salad - IHCC You Say Tomato, I Say Tomahto

Mmmmm...summer tomatoes sliced and dusted with cracked black pepper are pure bliss to me. What to do with them for I Heart Cooking Clubs' "tomato" theme with featured chef Curtis Stone was an easy choice, a salad that left them in their natural state dressed with a zippy vinaigrette of white balsamic vinegar and served with grilled tuna, a dish with great flavour and minimal cooking.
I made minor changes to the recipe, doubling the beans, replacing the peppadews - do you know what they are? I didn't before this - with sweet red bell pepper and using dried chilli flakes to taste.
We were very happy with this meal. It held so much appeal with its vibrant colour and flavour and was light but satisfying.

The recipe for Grilled Tuna with Marinated Tomato Salad can be found here.

Visit here for more tomato-y goodness from IHCC and Curtis Stone.


  1. Vibrant is the word. This dish has the color spectrum of the rainbow. I'll be happy with this meal too.

  2. Zosia,
    You plated up a piece of beautiful art!

  3. You like your tuna on the rare side like we do. This looks delicious!

  4. I would also be happy with this meal

  5. Looks just fantastic! Such an appealing, colorful photo with a great combination of ingredients, makes me hungry.

  6. Such a beautiful dish! So colourful and vibrant!

  7. So gorgeous! Your tuna is cooked perfectly and it looks so colorful with the tomatoes and veggies on the plate. I wish I had this right now.

    One of my local groceries stores has pickled peppadews (say that fast five times!) on their olive bar. ;-)

  8. Vibrant and appealing without a doubt. It's like a party on a plate. Very inviting.


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