Monday, August 10, 2015

Surprise Tatin - IHCC Mystery Box Madness Challenge

When I saw this month's IHCC mystery box (MB) challenge ingredients, the baby potatoes and caramel in particular, I immediately knew what I would make. Yes, that's right, potatoes and caramel, two of the ingredients featured in Yotam Ottolenghi's Surprise Tatin from his book Plenty. It was one of the first recipes I tried when I received the book in 2011 and it made me an instant fan of this chef who takes familiar ingredients but uses them creatively, transforming them into something spectacular along the way.
Tarte tatin is a French upside-down tart traditionally made with caramelized apples. This version, flavoured with fresh oregano (a third MB ingredient) comprised layers of baby potatoes baked in a slick of caramel, roasted cherry tomatoes (a fourth MB ingredient), caramelized onions, and zingy goats cheese (a fifth MB ingredient) all nestled in a crisp puff pastry shell.
It was delicious hot or at room temperature, with the sweet balanced by the tangy. I definitely won't let another four years go by before I make it again.

The MB ingredients I didn't use were corn, tortillas, skirt/flank steak, heavy cream and pumpkin seeds. Visit here to see what the other group members made with them.


  1. YO is such a great food writer/chef/vegetable magician! Great tart for the summertime ... all these vegetables are coming in from the garden. It prime time for dishes such as these!

  2. What a lovely tatin, no surprise coming from you! I almost make this one for the challenge.

  3. A surprise tatin indeed! A savory tatin with potatoes and goat cheese sounds just as fabulous!

  4. This looks delicious! A savoury potato tart, already sounds so yummy, another one of Ottolenghi's great veggie dishes! 5 MBM ingredients used, that is wonderful!

  5. This is a masterpiece! So stunning and gorgeous. A great use of the ingredients and one heck of a beautiful plate:)

  6. I always look at this recipe in Plenty and think that someday I am going to make it. It looks amazing--so stunning on the plate. ;-)


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