Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Salmon and Lentils with Herb Relish - For Deb

One of the wonderful co-hosts of I Heart Cooking Clubs recently suffered a heart-wrenching loss with the passing of her mother. If you're familiar with the cooking group, you'll know that each week we cook a dish with a particular theme from a featured chef. Party fare with Jacques Pépin was on the original schedule but we've been asked instead to offer up a dish of comfort from any of the featured chefs in honour of Deb. Gladly.
I remember reading once on Deb's blog how concerned her mother was about her health and well being when she decided to change the way she ate, eliminating red meat and poultry among other things from her diet. So I made something that was packed with nutrients (and included a complete protein) so her mum would be reassured she was eating well, and featured Deb's favourite fish and some flavours I know she likes: Diana Henry's Salmon on Lentils with Herb Relish, from the book Plenty
A dish to nourish the body while the heart heals. This one's for you Deb, and your lovely mother.


  1. I love the complete protein approach. This is what I'd like to eat all the time. The perfectly crusted exterior and the soft interior of salmon, as well as the herb salad are especially appealing. Well done!

  2. Zosia this looks like something Deb would absolutely love.

  3. A beautifully written post, Zosia. Thanks so much for this truly lovey meal. I know Deb would love it as well (as would her mom I'm sure).

  4. Zosia, I'm sure Deb's mum would be very much comforted to know that Deb is eating well and healthily though she is not around anymore.

  5. This looks delicious Zosia and while a sad time still for Deb I am glad we are joined together by our tribute in Honor of Deb!

  6. Zosia, Thank you so much for the very lovely and thoughtful post. It has taken me a while to be able to go around and read them but just knowing that everyone cares means so much. This is exactly my kind of meal and I know my mom would have approved (plenty of protein) and enjoyed it as well--she loved salmon and I turned her into a lentil fan. ;-) Your post made me smile and pulled at my heart.
    Warmest Aloha, Deb


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