Monday, February 9, 2015

Scandi(navian) Salmon Burger on Black Bread - IHCC Mystery Box Madness Challenge

I love the Mystery Box Madness Challenge at I Heart Cooking Clubs. We're given ten ingredients from which we must choose at least three to make a dish from any of our featured chefs, past or present. This month the ingredients were: cabbage, mustard, yogurt, freekeh/bulgur wheat, za'atar, tomatoes, sausage, carrots, basil, almonds.

I envisioned a hearty dish of braised sausage and cabbage served over a bulgur wheat pilaf but when I started to look, and that's half the fun of this challenge, nothing like that called to me. But Scandi Salmon Burger with Dill and Tomato Sauce, a lighter summery dish from Diana Henry's book A Change Of Appetite did.
Finely chopped salmon bound only with a little yogurt and mayonnaise made a fragile burger but among the best I've had. I omitted the cooked onion (and butter) and added spring onions for extra flavour. The yogurt-tomato topping flavoured with fresh dill was perfect with it.

These were supposed to be served on rye bread but I think a burger needs a bun. So I made Diana's Black Bread from the same book, a Russian-style loaf that I shaped as buns. I'd used yogurt and tomatoes, two of the mystery ingredients, for the burger; the third was in the bread. Can you guess what it was?
That's yeast bread. A first for me. But carrot turned out to be the least unusual ingredient in this savoury bread that included cocoa and coffee as well! The buns had a very complex flavour and a soft, fluffy interior. They were a delicious vehicle for the salmon patty.
In assembling the burgers, I did add a fourth box ingredient, spreading the buns with some grainy mustard. But if you've ever watched an episode of the TV programme "Chopped", you'll know that that wouldn't have impressed the judges at all since the ingredient wasn't transformed ;)! These were fantastic and will definitely be made again.

Visit IHCC to see what the other members have created with the box ingredients.


  1. I love everything about this delicious meal! From the salmon burger to the carrot buns! Perfect! And yes, using ingredients direct from a jar will definitely not win any votes! :)

  2. Yeah, I love this burger - the name, the ingredients! Fantastic choice Zosia! :)

  3. Mmm! I have had my eye on these salmon burgers for a while now and you have me completely drooling over them now. I love the changes you made and the burger buns look amazing--such unusual ingredients. ;-) Great job with February's ingredients.

  4. Zosia, I definitely love your choice of ingredients for this month. I also love how you made the black bread burgers from scratch. This salmon burger is definitely a good choice for anytime of the day. At least you fulfilled the minimum 3 choice ingredients, to use mustard like that would definitely be forgivable unless you are on the 'Chopped' show ;P

  5. You definitely win the award for using carrots in the most unique way! I really enjoyed reading about how you used the mystery box ingredients this time around. The salmon burger looks light and delicate and the accompanying flavors are just enough to compliment the burger. I think you did the right thing by omitting the onion and using spring onion instead.


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