Monday, January 26, 2015

Mediterranean Vegetable Gratin - IHCC Veggie Variations

Veggie-filled, meatless dishes from Diana Henry are the theme this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs. Mediterranean Potato, Tomato and Goat Cheese Gratin from her book Plenty fit the theme and appealed to me for a few reasons, the most important being that with just a few tweaks, the whole family would eat it!
Assembled like a lasagne with layers of roasted eggplant, sautéed onions and garlic, tomatoes, and cheese, with thinly sliced potatoes replacing the pasta, it came together quite quickly. I used roasted cherry tomatoes that I'd prepared and frozen in the summer instead of the current "fresh" crop from my grocer and keeping family preferences in mind, substituted mozzarella for goat's cheese and omitted the olives. 

Based on the assembly instructions, I was supposed to have only two layers of potatoes, top and bottom, but based on the mound of slices my mandoline produced, I had three, which may explain the additional 15 minutes cooking time needed!
This dish really exceeded my expectations. It was light and very fresh tasting with the brightness of the tomatoes more than compensating for the absence of olives. The eggplant and potatoes added body without heaviness and the small amount of cheese wasn't enough to drag it down. Family enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to making this again, particularly at the end of summer with garden fresh produce.

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  1. Zosia,
    I love this recipe the way it replaces pasta with potatoes. The dish would surely work for my family as well. I'm glad you are bringing this dish to our attention.

  2. That is one beautiful dish! And it looks really, really good! My kids love mozzarella cheese and with the potatoes, I know that my family would enjoy it as well!

  3. Oh yum! I love a good gratin--so perfect for a winter's dinner. This one looks like it has so much flavor. Gorgeous photos too! ;-)

  4. We are right in the middle of tomato and eggplant season right now, so this is definitely going on my list to make very soon. It looks sensational, and I love this idea of a kind of vegetable lasagne without the pasta. Great pick, and beautiful photos.

  5. Zosia, I love how pretty your dish looks, almost too pretty to be eaten. I love your variation of substituting the pasta for potatoes. I like how you managed to tweak this dish according to your family's preference. Good choice!

  6. That looks so good! I think nearly all recipes underestimate how long it takes a potato to cook though.


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