Monday, November 3, 2014

Strawberry and Passionfruit Jam - IHCC Stock Your Exotic Pantry!

Our theme this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs was to stock our pantry with exotic preserves, condiments, spice mixes, or whatever else suited our fancy using a recipe from our featured chef, Diana Henry. I went outside my little cooking box to make something I've never made before: jam!
For the Strawberry and Passionfruit Jam, I used part of the stash of local berries residing in my freezer, picked at their peak in June, and one of my favourite fruits, the exotic passionfruit, quite expensive here but needed in only a small amount. The challenge for me was figuring out the pectin: I know you need a specific ratio of sugar:acid:pectin for successful gel formation (that's the organic chemist coming out in me), but putting into practice in your kitchen what you know to be true on paper is often entirely different. I went with a "light" pectin product (12g) that required less sugar to set and 138g sugar to make up the weight of the "sugar with added pectin" ingredient in the recipe.
This was a perfect recipe for a jam-making novice: the batch was small, cooking time was very short (and I did achieve a soft set so I did something right!) and the flavour was fantastic. Sweet and tart, the strawberry and passionfruit flavours were perfectly balanced without one overpowering the other. And look at that colour!
To test it out, (and to stop me eating it out of the jar!!) I made the suggested Buttermilk Scones, a sweet treat that baked up tall and flaky, perfect with my newest creation!

Both recipes can be found on the Telegraph website.....just click on the recipe name for the link.

I'm excited to see the other members' exotic pantry items at IHCC, aren't you!


  1. wow, what a gorgeous jam! It looks wonderful and having it with buttermilk scones makes such a lovely breakfast treat!

  2. Yeah, gorgeous jam. Lovely combination of strawberries and passion fruit. :)

  3. Hi Zosia, the jam looks so shiny and delicious, I'd love to have it with some scones!

  4. The perfect addition to scones and clotted cream ;-) Tea Time!

  5. So pretty and I love that flavor combination. I need to grab up some passion fruit and give this a try. ;-)

  6. Scones with home made jam are such a treat! This looks like a perfect set!

  7. Yum, I love making my own jams. With summer fruit season coming up, I know that Diana Henry has absolutely loads of jams that I plan to try, including this one. Strawberry and passionfruit - what a great combination.


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