Monday, November 10, 2014

Roasted Tomatoes, Hummus, and Spinach on Pita - IHCC Mystery Box Madness

There's a fun new feature at IHCC this month, Mystery Box Madness. Our challenge was to make a dish from our current or a past featured cook that used at least three of the mystery box ingredients: harissa, eggs, saffron, pumpkin, maple syrup, dates, rose water, oranges, spinach and chickpeas.
I made Roasted Tomatoes, Hummus and Spinach on Toast from Diana Henry's A Change of Appetite, using harissa, spinach and chickpeas. This is a multi-component sandwich that at first seemed like it might be a bit of work, but as the author points out, the homemade hummus and roasted tomatoes are items you can make in advance and have on hand for other meals or snacks.

The hummus, made from canned chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and cumin went together quickly in the food processor. I couldn't get it as smooth and silky as my favourite recipe, but it tasted far better than store-bought.
The tomatoes available now aren't nearly as flavourful as they are in the summer, but roasting them with harissa and balsamic vinegar transformed them into something utterly delicious, and the highlight of the sandwich.

Assembly took only moments, piling a warm, multi-grain pita high with hummus, baby spinach leaves and harissa-roasted tomatoes, and it didn't take much longer than that to enjoy!

If you would like to try it, the recipe can be found here. Visit I Heart Cooking Clubs to see how others used the Mystery Box ingredients.


  1. A wonderful combination of ingredients I like!

  2. Oh yes! I could happily make a meal out of this. I especially love those harissa-roasted tomatoes. Yum! ;-)

  3. I would love to join you for this! It has been awhile since I last ate or made any hummus! This is such a healthy and delicious meal!

  4. It doesn't surprise me that the harissa roasted tomatoes were the highlight of the sandwich. They look like ruby red jewels sitting atop the pita. Very appealing!

  5. Great choice. Homemade hummus is so easy to make and always so much better than store bought - I nearly always have a batch on hand for putting together lunchtime snacks during the week. I'm totally loving the sound of the harissa roasted tomatoes - with tomato season looming, I can't wait to try that.


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