Monday, November 17, 2014

Grilled Fish and Saffron Broth with Corfu Garlic Sauce - IHCC Sweet Cloves & Liquid Gold

Cooking with sweet cloves of garlic and liquid gold olive oil is the theme this week at I Heart Cooking Clubs. Grilled Fish and Saffron Broth with Corfu Garlic Sauce, a recipe from Diana Henry's book A Change of Appetite was my choice to celebrate these two ingredients.
This was a dish of pan grilled fish served atop shallots, leeks and fennel that had simmered in saffron infused fish stock with cooked potatoes added at the end. Golden in colour and laced with the earthy flavour of saffron, the vegetables went beautifully with mild Pacific "snapper" (actually not snapper at all but a sustainable variety of Pacific sea bass) to create a delicately flavoured dish.
It was the Corfu sauce featuring the "sweet cloves" and "liquid gold", as well as toasted walnuts, bread and red wine vinegar that added a spark. The pungent sauce, which you may know as Greek bread skordalia or Turkish tarator sauce, was very strongly flavoured and just a little stirred into the broth went a long way.

Family and I enjoyed it so I'll definitely make it again but I'll have to simplify the method next time since made as written, it produced piles of dirty pots and pans! Skipping the fish marinade that didn't seem to add much to the dish, and cooking the potatoes with the other vegetables may be a few places to start.

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  1. Liquid gold is right! What a spectacular colour!

  2. Lovely color! Now I learn a new sauce called Corfu sauce. Nice! :)

  3. Mmm... I have this one tagged to make and your photos and description make me want it all the more. Love the colors. (Such beautiful color on your fish too!) ;-)

  4. What a pretty, happy looking dish! I love the colour!
    And the fish looks delicious!

  5. Fish and garlic goes well together, this sounds very appetizing

  6. The broth is such a pretty golden color from the saffron. I bet the meal was heavenly with a bit of the Corfu garlic sauce on top. A lot of components to this meal, but it looks worth the effort:)

  7. Gosh, the colour of that broth is amazing. I'll definitely have to look at the book and check out that Corfu garlic sauce, as I love skordalia - I'm sure I will love it.


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