Monday, August 4, 2014

Bruschetta with Lemon-Basil Grilled Zucchini - Moreish Meals IHCC

This week's theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs is "Moreish Meals", dishes you just can't get enough of. At this time of year, surrounded by all of the gorgeous summer produce, there's nothing I enjoy more than grilled vegetables, more specifically, young, sweet zucchini, of which there's plenty right now, with a lemon-basil dressing. 
I can easily eat a plate of this as a meal, a comment I've made about a few different vegetable recipes I've tried, but I realize it's not most people's idea of one. It occurred to me that it would make an excellent bruschetta topping, and an open-faced sandwich does qualify as a meal!
For that, I needed good bread. What could be more "moreish" after all than a homemade loaf, fresh from the oven, especially one made with whole grain spelt flour and hard cider. For the Cider Loaf from Kitchen Diaries 2, I used 7g (about 1 package) instant dried yeast instead of fresh, water instead of milk and brown sugar instead of honey (there's a vegan to feed now!). The dough was very wet and didn't need much kneading, just a little folding between rests. 
The finished loaf had a moist crumb, chewy texture and crisp crust. The cider was a nice alternative to beer, adding a little sweetness to the bread, and my kitchen didn't smell like a brewery while it was baking - though some people I know wouldn't have objected to that ;)! 
Thinly sliced, grilled until toasty, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with a little sea salt, it was the perfect base for some fresh ricotta and the lemony grilled summer squash. There you have it, a moreish meal! 

The recipe for Grilled Zucchini with Basil and Lemon is from The Kitchen Diaries and can also be found here.  Visit IHCC to see what other members have cooked up with featured chef Nigel Slater this week.


  1. This would indeed make a meal and I seriously want more of it already! Great choice!

  2. Hi Zosia,
    Such a lovely meal! Homemade bread and grilled zucchini! Looks really good, pairing them in an open-sandwich, my kinda meal!
    I have bookmarked the cider bread for ages but have never got round to make it.

  3. Yum! What beautiful pictures. You make me so glad I just got Kitchen Diaries 2 -- can't wait to try that bread!

  4. This is such a timely recipe! My neighbor recently gave me ten zucchini from her garden and I've been having so much fun trying to use it all. I'm with you. I could eat the zucchini all on it's own, but that bread looks so delicious. A few of those bruschetta and I'd be in heaven:)

  5. Such a gorgeous bruschetta--so perfect for the season. That bread alone looks amazing. I would happily make a meal out if this. Definitely "moreish!" ;-)

  6. Great combination against the courgette glut these days... I always use dried yeast instead of fresh, it is always on hand and lasts nearly forever

  7. I can definitely imagine that being very moreish. I love zucchini, and eat them pretty much every day, straight out of the garden, when summer rolls around. Love the sound of the lemon-basil dressing, and that was a great call putting them on top of grilled, home-baked bread. Great pick.


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