Monday, August 11, 2014

A Stunning Orange Sorbet - IHCC Zest it Up

Citrus, regardless of its source, is a favourite flavour of mine in both sweet and savoury foods. So when this theme came up at I Heart Cooking Clubs, my dilemma was not in finding a recipe I wanted to make since our featured chef Nigel Slater uses citrus in a variety of dishes, but which one to choose. With temperatures hovering around 35C, A Stunning Orange Sorbet from The Kitchen Diaries won out over all of the others!
Freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice and a simple syrup of sugar and mineral water flavoured with orange zest was all that was needed to make it. The mixture was chilled then churned then frozen until ready to serve.
Lest you think this seems simply like frozen orange juice, let me enlighten you now. It is orange in flavour and made with juice but all resemblance ends there. Nigel doesn't use the word "stunning" for nothing. It's sweet and tart and zingy, and remarkably creamy despite being dairy free!
Wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer's day (or any day, really).

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  1. Hi Zosia,
    You've made this sorbet too! Yes, it is so refreshing and delicious. Thumbs up from the family, and there's a request to make this again, soon!
    I love it that you have made them into popsicles!

  2. Yes, your sorbet does look very creamy. Yum! I love that you made popsicles. Such a fun recipes that makes a perfect and light summer dessert!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Your sorbet looks so creamy and refreshing. I wish I had a big bowl of it on this humid afternoon. ;-)

  4. That looks so beautifully refreshing, I can't wait to try this one. With the abundance of citrus fruit here right now, it's the perfect time, and I can definitely enjoy a gorgeous orange popsicle even on a winter's day.

  5. Bummer, that our summer makes a break, I bookmarked the recipe for the next opportunity ;-)


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