Sunday, July 20, 2014

Red Snapper with Parsley Vinaigrette, and Green Beans & Snow Peas with Almonds & Orange - IHCC Potluck

It's no secret that I love all things citrus in both savoury and sweet dishes so it's hardly a surprise that I'm once again preparing a citrus-centric meal: Roasted Red Snapper with Parsley Vinaigrette from Giada's Family Dinners and French Beans and Mangetout with Hazelnut and Orange from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook.
The fish were easy to prepare - provided your fish monger did the work of cleaning them for you ;): a sprinkling of salt, pepper and paprika, a drizzle of olive oil and a scattering of onion rings and they were ready to roast. My fish happened to be the recommended size; blasting them in a super hot oven for the time given worked perfectly.
raw snapper roasted snapper
The fish was moist and the onions nicely caramelized (otherwise they wouldn't have made it on to my plate!). The accompanying parsley vinaigrette (parsley, olive oil, Dijon and lemon juice) was bright and zingy and would enliven any fish dish. It would also be great with grilled chicken.
I served the fish with a side of green beans and snow peas. Much as I love Ottolenghi, he's a little heavy-handed with the oil for me so this recipe needed some tweaking. I used only 1 tbsp olive oil and gently cooked the garlic in this, whisking in the orange juice from the zested orange to make a dressing. Since I wanted to serve this warm, I tossed the blanched beans and snow peas with the vinaigrette in the pan to warm through before topping with toasted almonds (I had no hazelnuts) and orange zest. 
This is one of those vegetable dishes that I could eat as a meal it's so good, but I didn't think the rest of the family would appreciate having only fish for dinner so I had to share ;). The vegetables added texture to the plate and their sweetness was a nice foil for the piquancy of the vinaigrette. Both recipes will definitely be repeated.

It's potluck week at I Heart Cooking Clubs when we're free to cook with any of the featured chefs; visit here to see what the other members have chosen to make.


  1. The red snapper looks so beautiful on the roasting pan with the onions scattered over. I love how delicate, green, and pretty this all looks on the plate. A gorgeous and light citrusy meal that's perfect for summer.

  2. This dish looks really wonderful, parsley vinaigrette and green beans are a colourful companion for the red snapper

  3. This dinner was a great choice for pot luck week. I love snapper - almost as much as love salmon - and I would definitely enjoy this light and simple treatment of it. I've had that Ottolenghi bean dish bookmarked for ages - great tip about the oil, and nice choice subbing in almonds in the absence of hazelnuts.

  4. Now this looks fantastic. Fish and snowpeas sound great together. There was a lot of fish this week for PL.

  5. Such a beautiful and delicious meal! I love it how you blend the two chefs' recipes together to make one lovely meal!

  6. Such a pretty and colorful plate of food--so fresh and healthy. I really love the sound of that parsley parsley vinaigrette--so perfect with the fish. ;-)


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