Monday, July 7, 2014

Iced "Vietnamese" Coffee

Iced Vietnamese coffee is a perfect hot weather treat that rivals any coffeehouse offering in flavour and is far more budget friendly.
Traditionally, the coffee is made using a French drip filter (cà phê phin); a single serving is brewed directly over a cup containing sweetened condensed milk, stirred, then poured into a glass over ice. I used a recipe from one of my cookbooks that makes multiple servings.

Iced "Vietnamese" Coffee
makes 3 servings

300ml strong hot coffee
60ml-75ml sweetened condensed milk to taste

I don't own a French drip coffee maker, but I do have an Italian Bialetti Moka Express which makes excellent coffee.
a little battered from years of use but still loved ;)
To brew the coffee in a 6-cup Moka Express, you'll need:
approx. 300ml cold water
4 tbsp/20g coffee, medium-dark roast, medium grind (finer than for drip but not as fine as for espresso. I use Lavazza, an Italian brand).

water coffee
Fill the lower pot with water to the fill line or to just below the valve, place the filter on top and measure the coffee into it.
level coffee assembled tightly
Pat it gently just to level it - you're not trying to compress it as you would for espresso - and screw the top of the pot on tightly. This is really important for creating the pressure in the lower chamber that's needed to brew the coffee. On my model, the pour spout lines up with the valve if I've done it properly.
start of brew continued brew
Place on high heat (on my stove) with the lid open. After about 4 minutes, you'll start to see the brewed coffee filling the pot. 
partly brewed brewed
When the pot is about half-full, close the lid and turn the heat down to medium. Once it's started, the coffee takes less than a minute to brew. You'll know it's done when the percolating noises have stopped.

Meanwhile, add about 1 1/2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk to each of three glasses. Fill with ice.
When the coffee stops percolating, pour it immediately into the prepared glasses. Stir and enjoy!

Or, measure out 60 ml - 75ml sweetened condensed milk into a heat-proof container. Add hot coffee, stir until blended and serve right away, or cover and refrigerate to enjoy later. 
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  1. Hi Zosia,
    I love coffee, in fact am having one mug right now!
    We love coffee, and a glass of ice-coffee is a common thing that you would see over here in Malaysia, being it morning, noon or night, either in small coffee shops, or any restaurants! In fact, anytime of the day! I would definitely enjoy your lovely glass of iced coffee!
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!

    1. Thank you, Joyce. I could use a glass of this right now since it's been so hot and humid here these last few looks like I'll need to make another batch!


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