Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer Rolls - IHCC Rootie Patootie!

I love so many root vegetables, I'd be hard-pressed to choose a favourite, something we've been asked to feature for this week's theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs. But I can say that my preference is to eat them raw if I can for their crisp, juicy texture and sweetness, characteristics that are lost during cooking.
Nigel Slater's Summer Herb Roll, a recipe that can be found on his website, is the perfect vehicle for root vegetables left in their natural state. I used the carrots called for in the recipe and included some daikon radish - another root vegetable - as well as cucumbers, red pepper, mung bean noodles, chives, mint and coriander.

Light, crisp and refreshing, we really enjoyed these dipped in the accompanying sauce (with a little extra sweet chilli sauce added to mellow it out). Delicious!

Visit IHCC to see what other members made with Nigel Slater, our featured chef, for "rootie patootie" theme week!


  1. Zosia, your summer rolls are beautiful. I made some this week for another event and rushed my rolling so they are nowhere near as well-constructed as your rolls are. I love the combination of veggies in here--eating veggie summer rolls always makes me feel so light and healthy. ;-)

  2. What a nice idea, I never had summer rolls. Time to try them

  3. I love that you made something so pretty, fresh, light, and colorful with root veggies. These rolls just pop with color! I've been meaning to try my hand at summer rolls for a long time. Something about them that is so appealing.

  4. Hi Zosia,
    This looks refreshingly good! Lovely healthy choice with root veggies!

  5. Love how fresh your rolls look. That reminds me, I really need to make some spring rolls.

  6. Zosia your summer rolls look gorgeous, and so beautifully rolled. These are something I love for a light lunch or a delicious appetiser.


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