Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mushroom Cheddar Tart - Avid Baker's Challenge

Much as I like mini versions of baked goods, they usually take me longer to make than the full-sized version, and since I had no occasion for which to make cute little savoury Mushroom Cheddar Tarts for this month's Avid Baker's Challenge, I made just one large.
I needed only half of the cheese pastry recipe for my rectangular tart pan and I probably could have used even less but then I would have been deprived of the tasty baked scraps which were like flaky, savoury cookies. The dough came together quickly in the food processor and was quite easy to work with as well. I didn't have the King Arthur products of hi-maize natural fiber and cheese powder (this one sounds scary) and just used the suggested substitutes of AP flour and Parmesan cheese. I did include the cayenne pepper - yum!
The filling was made with ingredients my family enjoys so I made few changes just adding a little minced shallot to the mushroom-red pepper mixture and using milk instead of cream and fresh instead of dried thyme. I made the full recipe for the was a little too much for the tart pan so I had a little overflow ;).
It was a hit with family! The cheese-y crust was a great addition and really set the flavour of this quiche apart from most others. The only issue I had was with my own execution: I didn't think the crust would bake properly in the short baking time so I partially baked it before adding the filling. The bottom wasn't as crisp as it should have been, so for a full sized tart with a greater filling to crust ratio than the mini, I would bake the crust fully before filling it next time.
The Avid Bakers are baking from the King Arthur Flour website this year. If you would like to try the Mushroom Cheddar Tarts, the recipe can be found here. See the other bakers' results here.


  1. Your tart looks great, love rectangular tarts. Making mini tarts is too time consuming. The cheese does add oomph value to the crust.

  2. yours looks beautiful and so perfect. A great dinner with a green salad

  3. It definitely could do with the minced shallots. Very nice looking tart!

  4. That looks beautiful! I love that tart pan!

  5. I too love that tart pan (so elegant). Great job! The crust was really good with all that cheese and spices. Definitely a keeper recipe even for other fillings.


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