Monday, February 10, 2014

Coffee Almond Cakes and Double Hot Chocolate - IHCC Raise Your Glass

For this week's theme "Raise Your Glass" at I Heart Cooking Clubs, I'm celebrating some of my favourite flavours: coffee and chocolate. In a little play on the theme of coffee with dessert, I give you our featured chef Donna Hay's Coffee Almond Cakes with Double Hot Chocolate.
Easy to make, these coffee flavoured cakes, a mix of ground almonds, butter, sugar, egg whites and coffee, finished with a Kahúla glaze were delicious, moist little bites that went perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate.
For this cup of chocolate-y goodness, made with just a little hot milk and cream poured over top of some chopped chocolate to melt it, make sure to use your favourite chocolate. Very rich and creamy.
The recipe for the hot chocolate is from Donna's book Seasons but a variation of it is also on her website. The recipe for the cakes can be found here.

Additional notes:
- for the cakes, I used half the quantity of espresso powder instead of instant coffee and topped them with truffled coffee beans I had on hand 
- I added good vanilla extract to the hot chocolate in place of vanilla beans and doubled the amount of milk as it was just a little too rich

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  1. We are having a grey, rainy day here and I would so love to have one of your little cakes and a cup of that cocoa right now. ;-) What a perfect pairing!

  2. Hi Zosia,
    Wow, these are the perfect tea indulgence! The little cakes looks good and sounds fabulous with the Kahlua. And I can see that the cakes is perfect with the hot chocolate drink! Wish I could join you for tea!

  3. OH!! I wish I had found this one before I made my hot chocolate. This one looks so rich and creamy!!

  4. Oh, those hot chocolates sound wonderful, but most of all I'd like a few of those little coffee almond cakes - yum!


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