Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Simple Thai Fish Cakes - IHCC Passport to Asia

I love Thai food with its characteristic flavour profile of hot-sweet-salt-sour but I could never hope to capture all of its nuances in my own kitchen, which is why I enjoy recipes like this one, that rely on a Thai product, chilli jam, for most of their flavour and manage to satisfy that craving for Thai food.
Living inland, I cook with frozen fish regularly and fish cakes are a great end use for it. The recipe called for firm white fish so I used cod, not a particularly Asian fish, but a good one for this dish. I really appreciated that the patty was all fish with no filler and just a little egg white as binder.
The chilli jam used in these fish cakes provided the hot-sweet-salt elements and fresh lime juice, the sour. The spiciness was tempered by a refreshing salad of shaved cucumbers and fresh herbs dressed with a flavourful blend of fish sauce, sugar and lime juice.
We really enjoyed these crisp cakes and bright tasting salad; it's a recipe that will definitely be repeated.

If you would like to try them, the recipe can be found in Donna Hay's book fast, fresh, simple on page 134 but is also available here.

I'm sharing this post with I Heart Cooking Clubs for this week's theme "Passport to Asia" as we continue to cook with featured chef Donna Hay. Visit here to see what Asian delights were made by other IHCC members.


  1. I love Thai food also. I went to Chinatown last week and have been cooking Thai all week to utilize all the Thai Basil, fresh lime leaves and galangal I picked up. This is a winning recipe - I have made it before, but used a recipe from a Thai cookbook I have.

  2. Hi Zosia,
    Thai is one of my favourite cuisine. I've made a Thai dish too, using chicken. These fish cakes looks delicious, I would happily eat it as a meal on its own!

  3. Zosia, these fish cakes look fantastic. Perfectly crispy on the outside and packed with flavor. Dare I say I think your pictures are far better than the one on the Home Channel link!

  4. I have this one tagged to make. I love the flavors and that they are all-fish patties. Yum!
    Great pictures too. ;-)

  5. Fish cakes can be really difficult to photograph and you've done a terrific job of making them look wonderful! I also agree that it is really nice that these cakes are mostly fish with very little to bind them together. That is a refreshing change from most recipes. Looks beautiful!

  6. These fish cakes look great. I am sure the taste must have really shone through, considering that only egg white was used as a binder. The salad with the fish sauce really compliments the dish.

  7. You made me rush straight to my copy of the book and tag this one. Your fish cakes look fantastic, and loving the sound of the accompanying salad. You're so right about Thai chilli jam - love the flavour that it brings to dishes.


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