Monday, January 27, 2014

Lamington Slice - IHCC Blondies & Brownies & Bars

When I saw this week's I Heart Cooking Clubs theme of Blondies & Brownies, I knew immediately that I would make Lamingtons in honour of our featured chef and Australian Donna Hay. A quintessentially Australian "slice" to enjoy with a cup of tea, these little bars, thought to have been named after Lord Lamington, a former Governor of Queensland, have been around since the turn of the century - the last one, not the current one!
Traditionally, the slices consist of little vanilla cakes dipped in chocolate icing and coated with dessicated coconut. But Donna Hay, a master at removing the angst-inducing steps from any recipe - for me it's the dipping of anything in chocolate - has simplified the method.
Before you reach that point, you must first make the cake, an easy vanilla "sponge", or "butter cake" to North Americans. The next step is to make the chocolate glaze, a thin cocoa-based icing. Once the cake is baked, the two elements are brought together: the cake is sliced while still warm and the glaze poured over top. As well as covering the top, much of it seeps down the sides of the cut pieces. A dusting of coconut is the final touch.
Now I generally avoid recipes with flagrant use of coconut as I'm surrounded by coconut haters but I've often wondered if there was anything that would get my family to enjoy it....apparently it's chocolate glazed vanilla cake! The bars I'd intended to share with others didn't make it past the kitchen! And no wonder.... tender vanilla cake, sweet chocolate and chewy coconut...who could resist? 

If you'd like to make them, Donna's recipe for Lamington Slice can be found here.

Additional notes:
- I used a cake & pastry flour blend that's available here in place of plain flour
- shredded coconut was what I had but dessicated would have adhered better to the glaze

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  1. What a beautiful creation! I want a slice! Looks great, very nice choice.

  2. Those lamingtons look seriously good. A question- do you cut the cake and pour the glaze while these are in the pan?

    1. Thank you, Sunita. Yes, while still in the pan and while the cake is still warm. Then when it's cooled (I actually chilled it in the fridge to make it easier), you just lift the entire cake out using the parchment handles. Very little mess and fuss involved!

  3. These look fabulous. I have always wanted to make lamingtons--I love the combination of the coconut with the chocolate glaze and that cake looks perfectly tender and moist. Yum! ;-)

  4. This sounds and look good! I love coconut in bakes, it has that lovely fragrant aroma while baking.
    These lamingtons would be perfect with a cup of tea!

  5. When I was a kid, lamingtons were pretty much our favourite treat ... not just because moist sponge cake doused in chocolate icing and coconut tastes fantastic, but because my brother and I would get to do all the dipping in chocolate and rolling in coconut. Mum would cover the dining room floor and table in sheets of newspaper, hand over a tray of sponge squares and bowls of chocolate and coconut, and leave us to. We would blissfully dip and roll away and emerge with a sticky mess covering us from fingertips to armpits, and all over our faces, though we would absolutely deny eating any of it.

    Lamingtons are still a favourite treat, if for no other reason than the wonderful memories they evoke. I'd have much less patience now for rolling and dipping than I did 50 years ago, so Donna's version looks like a must try.


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