Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chilli Pork with Snake Beans - IHCC Fast & Fabulous

This week's theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs is Fast & Fabulous, dishes that take 30 minutes or less. With two quick cooking ingredients, ground pork and snake beans (called Chinese long beans here), I knew that Donna Hay's recipe for Chilli Pork with Snake Beans would fit the bill.
This recipe is an example of how clever use of a single pantry item, chilli jam, combined with a few fresh ingredients creates a flavourful meal, something for which our featured chef is well known. 
The pork, seasoned only with the chilli jam, fried until crisp and finished with lime juice and fresh coriander, was a delicious blend of hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours with water chestnuts for added crunch. Served over steamed beans, this dish actually took only 15 minutes to make. With so little to do, it was easy to put on a pot of coconut rice (Basmati Rice with Coconut Milk and Ginger, The Essential New York Times Cookbook) which was done within the 30 minutes. The dish served 3 generously with the added rice.
The recipe appears in the "Simple" chapter of the book Fast, Fresh, Simple, page 146 and is definitely one I will make again.

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  1. Hi Zosia,
    This is the kinda of dish that I would cook to go with rice too. It looks really delicious, and easy!

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks wonderful!!

  3. Looks great although I couldn't eat the chilli jam :-( Love that basmati rice.

  4. Okay, can I just say that I absolutely love coconut rice? I can see how it would be perfect with the ground pork and flavors of the chilli jam. A beautiful and well-balanced meal for sure!

  5. This looks wonderful, Zosia! Loving the looks of the pork especially.

  6. This looks delicious--especially on top of that coconut rice. ;-) I bet that chili adds a lot of flavor.

  7. The combination of pork and beans looks perfect. Not sure what chilli jam is though so cannot imagine the taste.

    1. I probably could have replicated the hot-sweet-salty flavours of the chilli jam with ingredients from my pantry (hot chilli paste, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger) but it was nice that they were all in one jar.

  8. Delicious - this was a great choice for "Fast & Fabulous". I love chilli jam - I always have some in the pantry - and I love the way it add a huge amount of flavour to things. I've bookmarked this one for a quick and easy dinner one night this week.

  9. I have never even heard of chili jam, but you bet I am going to go for that as soon as possible. This looks fantastic. Great choice.


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