Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miso Salmon with Sesame Salt - IHCC Easy Entertaining!

Donna Hay is all about "Easy Entertaining" with recipes suitable for casual or formal get togethers and everything in between so it wasn't difficult to find a recipe for this week's theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs.
I really enjoy the flavours of Japanese cuisine but have little experience cooking the food myself so I was drawn to this recipe for Miso Salmon with Sesame Salt, (from the book Seasons, but also available here) served with stir fried garlicky sugar snap peas and one of the suggested sides, rice. Prep time was minimal and involved only blanching the peas and marinating the salmon briefly in miso and rice wine vinegar, and the dish took only minutes to cook.
Sesame Salt
It was delicious! The miso and vinegar were subtle but the salmon was moist and flavourful. And though cutting the fillets into fingers may seem fiddly, it made it much easier to cook the salmon evenly on a high heat. The sugar snap peas were a nice sweet contrast but I would double the amount for 4 people. Crucial to the flavour of the dish was a blend of toasted sesame seeds crushed with sea salt. It didn't look like much but it packed a punch.
I served the salmon with Japanese Mushroom Rice, which I attempted to shape into nori-wrapped onigiri/rice balls (from the book Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu), and the suggested pickled ginger.

Fantastic! Very fast and light and a welcome reprieve from the rich food of the holiday season. Perfect for a dinner with friends.

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  1. Hi Zosia,
    This does look fantastic! The salmon looks delicious and the Japanese mushroom rice is a perfect combination. And I like that you have added the pickle ginger, one of my favourites!

  2. Sesame salt looks like the coolest thing! The salmon looks beautifully done, Zosia.

  3. Awesome. This is totally my kind of dish. I have Seasons, too, so I'm going to bookmark tnis one right now.

  4. The dish looks wonderful. Love the sesame salt idea. The nori rice

  5. Great choice for this weeks theme. I like salmon quite a bit and this is a healthy meal, perfect for the busy week we have had this Thanksgiving holiday.
    I will let you know if I try it.

  6. I have been craving for Miso Salmon lately, not yet got time to head down to the fish market. End up had it at a Japanese restaurant yesterday. Thanks to share this dish, I will sure make it at home. Delicious!

  7. This looks fabulous--I love miso partnered with salmon. Perfect with those snap peas and the sesame-salt sprinkle. Not sure how I missed this one in the book! ;-)

  8. You always pair together the most beautiful meals, Zosia. The way you have this all plated is really nice and I bet your family feels really special being served something made with so much care. I've been craving salmon lately and I think every component of this meal looks terrific.

  9. This looks perfect for entertaining. Glad the recipe is online.


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