Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bubble & Squeak - IHCC Potluck

For this week's Potluck theme at I Heart Cooking Clubs, where we're invited to cook with previously featured chefs, I decided to cook with Jamie Oliver, a chef I've known about since his Naked Chef days, but whose recipes I've never tried. I chose to make a British classic that cleverly makes use of veggie and potato leftovers. This Bubble & Squeak, so named because of the noises it makes as it cooks, comes courtesy of the book Jamie Oliver's Great Britain.

Bubble & Squeak with Big Beefy Tomato Salad
There are directions for cooking the potatoes and vegetables fresh to make this but I accumulated leftovers over a few days instead. I had boiled russet potatoes, steamed broccoli and cooked carrots and parsnips. Fearing it would be a little heavy on the potato, I cooked up a bunch of kale with a little garlic and red pepper flakes to add to the mix.

Initially I thought this would be cooked like a giant pancake or frittata (cook one side - turn - cook the second side until done) but that's not the case at all since it requires a little more attention than that, at least at the start. The potatoes, vegetables and fresh herbs are pressed into a hot pan, mashed slightly, and cooked until the bottom is browned; the mixture is then flipped, a section at a time, and browned again. This is repeated until the flavourful caramelized bits are mixed throughout before it's finally cooked like a pancake.

Even with all of the handling, the texture was quite light and almost fluffy, and the flavour was amazing; you would never guess that it was made from leftover cooked vegetables. This is traditionally served as part of a large breakfast but with a side of Big Beefy Tomato Salad, chunks of garden fresh beefsteak tomatoes simply dressed with a garlicky red wine vinegar vinaigrette, (a recipe from the same book), it was a delicious lunch.

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  1. Jamie Oliver has secretly won my heart. You just have to love him! Your version of bubble & squeak looks right up my alley. I love that you added the kale!

  2. Zosia, this looks great. When I was a kid growing up bubble & squeak frequently made an appearance for a Sunday night tea made out of the leftovers. I used to hate it, I think because somehow our leftovers used to always include onions which I'm not a huge fan of. Also it often accompanied corned beef which I also hated as a kid. Now that I'm a grown-up and can make my own bubble & squeak with the leftovers of my choice, I love it. Like Kim, I love that you added kale to this.

  3. Hi Zosia,
    I love the name of this dish, Bubble and Squeak sounds interesting! You are right, no one would know this delicious dish are made from leftover veggies! The leftover veggies makes a whole new dish altogether!
    I have not been cooking from JO's recipes for ages!

  4. Bubbles and squeak is an old favorite ... my mother would make it for Saturday suppers in the wintertime and we'd have leftover ham with it and a sweet tomato/chili relish for dipping bites in ... mmm good! Thanks for the food memory!

  5. English dishes always have the best names. ;-) This looks fabulous--so colorful and what a great way to use those leftover veggies!


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