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Blueberry Pierogi

Blueberry pierogi, little dumplings filled with juicy fresh berries and topped with sweetened sour cream, were a treat I looked forward to every summer growing up. Being so labour intensive, pierogi were, and still are only made for special occasions, the blueberry variation to celebrate summer and the bounty of local berries.

Blueberry Pierogi
I took advantage of the unseasonably cool weather we had leading up to the first day of summer to make these and used New Jersey berries - not exactly local, but certainly more local than the wild blueberries from BC we'll see next month.

I thought I would try the Master Pierogi Recipe from the book From a Polish Country House Kitchen by Anne Applebaum and Danielle Crittenden, which is remarkably similar to my mother's but uses a different mixing technique.
pierogi dough pierogi dough1
As with other pasta recipes, the flour is placed on the work surface; the egg, salt and oil are added to a well in the centre and lightly whisked.
pierogi dough2 pierogi dough3
Warm water is added slowly as needed and the flour is gradually incorporated to form a shaggy dough. The dough is then kneaded for 8 minutes until it's no longer sticky but smooth and silky.
pierogi dough4 pierogi dough5
After a one hour rest, the dough is rolled out to 3mm thickness. I worked with a 1/2 batch at a time. It's easy to handle, requiring very little additional flour but is slightly elastic. Letting it relax for a few minutes when it's almost thin enough helps with the rolling. I used a 6cm biscuit cutter to cut my retrospect, I would use a much larger cutter as my yield was over 50!
Each dough circle is filled with fresh berries and pinched to seal it shut. The circles were small and the berries were large so I could only fit 2-3 per dumpling.
I placed the filled pierogi on a lightly floured tea towel. Once they're all filled, they're cooked in boiling, salted water just as you would pasta. I ignored the last part of the recipe in the book that has you fry the boiled pierogi in butter - you may see that in restaurants here, but traditionally, they're served freshly boiled with a simple topping.
The dough was the perfect texture: delicate and tender. I did think it was a little too salty, especially with a sweet filling, so I would use only 3/4 tsp salt next time.

                                           Blueberry Pierogi
                                    serves 4-6


The recipe and method are from the book, From a Polish Country House Kitchen and can be found here.


227g fresh blueberries, washed and dried

Traditional Sour Cream Topping:

1 cup/242g sour cream (regular or reduced-fat)
4 tbsp powdered sugar (or to taste)

Stir the sour cream and sugar together until combined. Refrigerate until needed. Serve on the side with freshly cooked fruit-filled pierogi.

I really enjoyed making these...the batch size and labour it brings with it isn't overwhelming but produces enough for a meal. I'm looking forward to trying more recipes from this book which seems to offer traditional Polish recipes with a twist.

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  1. Lovely! This is something new to me! I have never seen dumpling with fruits as the filling. Thank you for sharing and linking with Cook-Your-Books!
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